No TV for me tonight

Television sucks all the creativity out of me.

I realize I’m not breaking any new ground here. I’ve just really been out of it in the evenings and I’m going to blame the tv for it. I come home from work with all these great ideas for writing and not a one of them actually makes it onto a page. Paper or otherwise.

So, tonight I’m ignoring the idiot-box. Instead, I’ll be using my homemade, noise canceling headphones and enjoying the beauty that is Pandora. (If you’re curious let me know and I’ll email you a kickin‘ station.)

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-tv. I tried that but it felt too self-righteous. I really enjoy good television shows. There just don’t seem to be any good ones out there anymore.

I had high hopes for Heroes but I gave up after week three. It felt like it had too much time for not enough plot.

And I never even wanted to watch Studio 60. I tried it a couple times but decided it was too much like The West Wing (go figure!) I hated The West Wing. Seriously. It pissed me off just knowing I was in contact with the waves bringing it in to your house. If you need a Matthew Perry fix Friends is in syndication rent The Whole Nine Yards. Or, borrow it from me. You’ll be much better off than trying to make any sense of a self-indulgent tv show about a tv show.

Alas, there is hope!

Why only NBC shows in this post? No reason.


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