How to cram your “stuff” without losing it.

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The internet is chock full of “stuff.” If you ever need a “thing” to handle all the “stuff”, then you should try Notefish. Even if you don’t think you need a “thing” you should try it because you don’t want your “stuff” to become “junk.” Although, maybe you want that “junk” to be your “stuff.” I have no control over which “stuff” you cram onto your Notefish page. But, whatever it is you’ll be able to find it again. And color code it.

to be continued…


One response to “How to cram your “stuff” without losing it.

  1. I really like Google Notebook. You don’t “have” to install anything to use it. If you have a google account, just click on “All of My Services” to check it out. You can make lots of notebooks for various categories all on the same account, too.