Netflix now offers video on demand

Must be Garfield

I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for several years now. I love the service and have no complaints. Recently I found out they were going to offer video on demand through their website and I got excited! I cruised over to my account to activate this feature only to find out I didn’t qualify. They’re rolling it out progressively and I may have to wait until June. June?! I can’t wait that long!

Turns out I don’t have to wait that long. Yesterday I went to Netflix and found the “Watch Now” tab showing on my member page. This is very exciting!

I’ve tried out several different video on demand services over the last year. They all have different payment plans and movie selections. Some require stand-alone software while others play right inside Windows Media Player. None of them was the one for me. I think Netflix may fill that role in my media world.

Stay tuned. I’m going to write a comparison of the three services I’ve tried: Vongo, CinemaNow, and Netflix. I’ll also tell you why I passed on Amazon and Movielink.


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