DirectBuy is crazy

Here in west Michigan,we have TV adds for DirectBuy, a retailer whose members claim will save you lots of money. It’s not unusual for a member/spokesperson to claim “We saved $20,000 when we remodeled our kitchen,” or some such. But, even if you save 50% on everything you buy, you still have to spend $20,000 to save that much.

Well, it’s even worse than that.

Consumer Reports just published an article spotlighting some of DirectBuy’s policies. They went undercover to to a New York DirectBuy location and came away with some interesting information.

After the fee disclosure, we discovered that we had to sign up on the spot or never come back.

It gets better. In order to sign up you have to pay a membership fee that comes near to $5,000.00. That covers the first 3 years of your 10 year commitment. Don’t sweat it, though. DirectBuy is more than happy to loan you the membership fee for only 17.75%.

Anyone interested in signing up?

With DirectBuy, it will cost you a lot to save – Consumer Reports



3 responses to “DirectBuy is crazy

  1. Those are the commercials where rich people are concerned with spending loads of money, i have yet to see one where the home wasn’t worth less then $500,000 to start

  2. It’s all relative. My cheap little house would be more $500,000 in California.

    Is there anyway I can sell my house in California?


    is a site that has tons of information about Direct buy and their business practices.