About this picture

The picture in my header is of the Mackinac Bridge. I took this shot in February of 2005. The Straits are completely frozen over. I recently found out that each year residents build a “road” lined by retired Christmas trees across the frozen water. This gives year-round island dwellers access to the mainland via snowmobile.

I chose to use this picture because it feels “crisp” to me. Plus, winter is a very introspective time of year. And I like the colors.

I took a few others. Feel free to view a slideshow.


2 responses to “About this picture

  1. If you would like to share the full frame photo this would be an excellent post on Yooper Steez if you would allow me to use it. I can definitely link back to this site or any site you’d like!

    I’ve never heard about the retired christmas tree road before and would love to learn more. Please let me know.

    You can contact me and see the blog at Yooper Steez

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