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Were you looking for something?

I was just checking stats and somebody clicked through after searching for the term “sun only shines once a year”.  Undoubtedly, this is because of what I wrote on my Who? page.

But, I really want to know who it was and what they were searching for.  Because I think I know.  I once searched for something using similar terms.

I was looking for a TV show from when I was a kid. It was such an interesting story.  It’s fuzzy, but I think it was about a group of students on some planet where the sun only shines once a year.  It was a big deal for them because every other day was rainy and cold.  If memory serves, one of the children caused trouble and was not allowed outside to enjoy the one day of sunshine.

Well, I found it. The show was an episode of WonderWorks on PBS.  It was adpated from a Ray Bradbury short story called “All Summer in a Day”.

Is that what you were looking for? Drop a line in the comments and let me know.